In the Eighties France Petrovitch and Eva Robinson starts France Haneva,a line based on a t shirt in silk,cool and unstructured,mixing a large variety of colours in crepe de chine ,heavy crêpe and satin with suède and cashmeer jersey.The clothes are either zipped or snapped.The line is  is a hit,but the evolution of fashion and the desire to try other possiblities in creation  brings the two designers towards knitwear and finally PETROVITCH &ROBINSON,a collection far more structured and  dressy.

The loss of France in 2008 doesn’t change PETROVITCH&ROBINSON in the approach to a high level,creative  ready to wear for women.Eva Robinson continue to work on the untemporary,yet modern  cut of the clothes,and the research of interesting fabrics,but the line becames less dressy.Feminine ,but very clean cut dresses  brings  clients from French and International shops to buy the line.

The collections are as always created and realized in the atelier of PETROVITCH & ROBINSON  in Paris,in a couturish way of proceeding.

The line is produced  in France.

A capsule collection in blue jeans,called BLUE,is created only  for the summer season.This small line with about ten references is basicly concerning dresses.The prices are attractive,but the work of conception and production is the same as  for PETROVITCH&ROBINSON